Webinar about Ivermectin and its role for the prevention & treatment of C19, with Professor Héctor Carvallo, MD

Postponed – date to be communicated

When it comes to Ivermectin, a name that stands out is that of Professor Hector E. Carvallo, MD, from Argentina. 

Professor Carvallo, who is Professor of Medicine at the Inter-American Open University and the at University of Morón in Argentina, has completed landmark research on Ivermectin-based prophylaxis and therapies for COVID-19.

The webinar will start with a presentation about the action mechanism of Ivermectin and the most critical importance of prophylaxis and early therapies for preventing and treating C19.

Next, studies conducted by Professor Carvallo and his team will be reviewed. 

The first study, called IVERCAR, is about prophylaxis for health care workers, who are at high risk, to prevent both infection and contagion. 

A total of 1,195 health care workers were recruited from 4 major hospitals in Argentina with 730 from Alberto Antranik Eurnekian Hospital, 150 from Hospital Municipal Angel Marzetti, 150 from Cuenca Alta Hospital and 15 from Centro Medico Caseros.

788 participants received the IVERCAR prophylaxis treatment comprising ivermectin and carrageenan, on top of the personal protection equipment, while the remaining 407 participants protected themselves with PPE only.

Among the 1,1195 health care workers, 237 tested positive for C19 during the 3 month study recruitment.

The most remarkable outcome here is that all those 237 participants who tested positive came from the non-treatment / control group of 407 participants. 

None of the 788 participants who received the ivermectin / carrageenan prophylaxis developed C19! (read this sentence again and again until it sinks in!)


Note that this prophylaxis study builds on a previous one, where infection rate among health care workers using standard measures and PPE was found to be 11.2%, while it was 0% among those using the Ivermectin & Carrageenan combination on top of the standard measures.


The second study, called IDEA, looked at the associated use of Ivermectin, aspirin, dexamethasone, and enoxaparin (in different combinations and doses) and their impact for reducing the need of admission to the intensive care unit and to reduce mortality.

The study yielded zero mortality for both mildly and moderately symptomatic patients, and 5% mortality among the severe cases. 


In this webinar, Professor Carvallo will tell us about the story of his involvement in searching cures for COVID-19, and about his experience in treating patients and conducting research.

He will tell us about what is, from his perspective, the best practice for the prophylaxis and the early treatment of COVID-19.

He will tell us about how Ivermectin is progressively embraced in Latin America, and will particularly comment on the situation in Argentina, where he is from.

With the WHO now seriously looking at Ivermectin, this webinar should be a must watch for anyone interested in effective prophylaxis and therapies for C19.

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