A Look at COVID Mortality in Paris, Marseille, New York and Montreal

The France Soir newspaper published an article “COVID-19 : Marseille 5 – Paris 1 juste les chiffres” – using a soccer score analogy, making Marseille de clear winner over Paris when it comes to fighting the coronavirus.

While the numbers for Paris are clearly bad, those for New York and Montreal are even worse, as we analyze in the second section of the article.

COVID mortality is found to be 5 times higher in Paris than in Marseille: 751 deaths per million in Paris, versus 147 deaths per million in Marseille.


The table compiled by France Soir shows that, in Marseille, 3295 COVID patients were treated with the hydroxychloroquine – azithromycin bi-therapy, while 1564 were not. 

In Marseille, the case fatality rate among those treated with the bi-therapy was 0.52%, while it was 8.63% for those who did not receive it.

The average case fatality rate was 3.13% for Marseille as whole. In Paris, the case fatality rate reached a staggering 19.12%.

France Soir also makes a comparison with Germany, where mortality per million inhabitants is much lower than in France: 97 deaths per million inhabitant in Germany, versus 428 in France.

However, the case fatality rate in Germany, at 4.49%, is still about 10 times higher than for patients treated at the IHU Marseille, at 0.52% case fatality rate.

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Contrasting Mortality in France with New York and Montreal

While Professor Raoult opined that the mortality rate in the Paris area was considerable, it is still lower than those in New York and Montreal. Here are some numbers:

In New York City, the epicentre of the outbreak in the US, the death rate attributed to COVID-19 reached 1932 deaths per million inhabitants.



In Montreal, the outbreak epicentre in Canada, as of May 19, the COVID-19 mortality is estimated at 1125 deaths per million inhabitants.


In Montreal, the case fatality rate is 10.48%. In New York, it is 10.73%.

In Marseille, for those treated at Professor Raoult’s IHU, it’s 0.52%.

In other words, the case fatality rate is about 20 times higher for COVID patients in New York or Montreal than for those treated at Professor Raoult’s university hospital in Marseille.

Coincidently, both in New York and Montreal, medical doctors still don’t have the right to prescribe Professor Raoult’s early hydroxychloroquine-based treatment …