Update: Outbreaks & Deaths Continue to Rise in Québec Nursing Homes

The Québec government has published updated data, dated January 16, regarding outbreaks and deaths in nursing homes, both public (CHLSD) and private (RPA). The previous data were dated January 13.

The published data indicate a continued rapid expansion of COVID-19 in nursing homes, despite (or because of? …) the massive vaccination campaign that took place.

Remember, nursing homes in Québec is where most deaths occurred in the first waves of COVID-19, as these are very vulnerable people, who are old, and who are denied any form of treatment or hospitalization for COVID-19 by the authorities.

Unlike the previous waves, it’s expected that most infections are with Omicron, a mostly mild and easily treatable form of COVID-19 – which should, in normal circumstances, not lead to any significant number of fatalities.

See our discussion with Dr. Chetty to understand how the disease induced by Omicron is very different from previous forms of COVID-19.

The number of nursing homes with outbreaks has increased from 771 to 818, i.e. there are 47 additional nursing homes with outbreaks in the province.

The number of active cases has increased dramatically, from 6833 to 8224, which represents a 20% increase in just 3 days.

During these 3 days, there were 61 additional deaths reported in the Québec nursing homes, to reach a total of 215 (versus 154 just 3 days before). This represents a 40% increase in just 3 days!

Of course, these are not up to date data as we are January 18 and that there are delays in reporting.

The big picture here is that the situation seems totally out of control.

The only hope to have, given the nihilistic approach of the authorities when it comes to treating COVID-19 (no early treatment protocol allowed in the province), is that Omicron will be mild enough not to make too many fatalities among these extremely vulnerable members of society.

As discussed previously, the fate of old people is not much discussed in the media, as the current focus is on raising a new tax, and putting even more restrictions, on the unvaccinated – measures that are totally useless, of course, to reduce fatalities in nursing homes.

Remember: the vast majority of the residents in nursing homes are vaccinated, in most cases 3 times, sometimes 4 times.

Sources: CHSLD & RPA data.

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