Antihistamines Treatment: a Testimonial

Following the article published on the 8th Day Therapy of Dr Chetty, we received a reaction from a person who had benefited from a similar treatment, in France, this after an initial treatment with ivermectin. At our request, this person agreed to write a text, recounting his therapeutic journey, taken in its entirety on an outpatient/ambulatory basis. We reproduce it here verbatim and we thank this witness very much for his collaboration. 

Of course, this testimony is shared for informational purposes only and not for medical advice. For any medical advice, you should contact your doctor.

This is a translation from French; so please refer if possible to the original in French.

May 21, 2021 


I am 61 years old, I am French and I live in France. 

A nurse for 40 years, retired from the hospital public service, I am currently a nurse in the private sector. 

It is impossible for me to say where and when I contracted covid 19. 

The first (recognized) symptoms such as stiffness (++) and high fever (39 °) appeared on the night of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 April 2021. The next day (fever at 38 °) I will be tested in the laboratory. I got the results on Saturday April 10, and they turned out to be positive. So from April 10, isolation at home according to the rules in force in France, Doliprane (paracetamol) and request to call the SAMU (emergency service) in the event of respiratory failure (choking), which will decide whether or not to hospitalize.

Nothing else is recommended: the French government repeats on every occasion: test, isolate, trace. With the covid, the verb to treat has disappeared from the government lexicon!

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I phone several doctors and all refer me to use Doliprane and call the SAMU in case of breathing difficulty. Only one retired doctor will tell me that doctors prescribing treatment to treat covid are tracked down by the Order of Physicians and risk heavy penalties, or even professional radiation (nothing less!).

I decide to go South on Monday April 12 at the IHU in Marseille to get treatment (they do not receive the WE). Return trip during the day (10 hours drive, luckily my wife was driving!) With 38 ° 5 – 39 ° 9 fever, body aches ++, fatigue +, but no cough.

Arrived at 1 p.m. at the University Hospital Institute of Marseille, stronghold of Prof. Raoult, immediate and effective treatment ++ with a whole range of tests which confirm the positivity and interview with a professor. The prescription is Ivermectin 6 tab at Day 0 and 6 tab (18 mg) at Day 2, Stérogyl, Rubozinc 15 mg, Lovenox 0.6 for 10 days with regular monitoring and blood tests. This treatment replaces Plaquenil (cardio problem) and Azithromycin (suspected allergy to macrolides).

On D2, corresponding to Thursday April 15, second dose of Ivermectin. The next day I am much better, less fever (38 °), less pain, I feel that I am regaining energy. On Saturday April 17 the symptoms reappear with a fever of 39o, aches, back pain, and in addition sore throat, cough, feeling of suffocation (saturation drops to 92 on Monday April 19). My wife (who has tested negative and is doing great luckily!) finds a doctor and we have an appointment on April 21. 

This doctor prescribed me an antihistamine treatment, explaining the reasons for this therapeutic choice. I don’t remember too much his explanations because with 39 ° of fever, I was not really concentrated! But I remember he explained this virus acted as a gateway to a multitude of ‘attacks’… After that, what mattered to me was to be rid of it!. 

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It should be noted that he never denigrated the treatment prescribed at the IHU-Marseille. On the contrary, undoubtedly for more effectiveness it would have been necessary that the treatment had been taken earlier. As for Lovénox, it was imperative to prescribe it. 

The treatment he prescribed for me is Kestin 10 mg (1 tablet twice daily every 12 hours for 28 days). Singulair 10 mg (1 tab / day in the evening for 8 days). Augmentin (1 sachet dose 3 times daily for 5 days) because of pulmonary infection and Solupred 20 mg (3.5 tab daily for 4 days). Treatment started on April 21 in the evening, and on April 23, there was a disappearance of symptoms (fever, aches and pains). Three days later, the antibiotic treatment was stopped. 

I regained my full respiratory capacity, which I had lost a year ago, during the first confinement in March 2020. With my wife, we ​​are convinced to have caught the covid in 2020, with mild symptoms such as a fever at 38 ° for 8 days, a small episode of diarrhea, respiratory discomfort with a feeling of permanent chest tightness, a slight dry irritating cough (when I described these symptoms I compared them to allergic phenomena) and unpleasant and sudden sensations of ” spikes ”into the rib cage. An increase in heartbeats, rapid shortness of breath. (At that time, in France, PCR tests were declared unnecessary) The respiratory discomfort will persist until the antihistamine treatment in April 2021.

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It should also be noted that a week before the covid was diagnosed, I developed a rush of urticaria all over my body (I put this down to a possible food allergy). I took Cetirisine 10 mg x1 / day until the signs disappeared, namely 5 days. And according to the doctor who treated me, he thinks that was the first sign of covid, and that if I had continued this treatment for 21 days, none of this would have happened; I want to believe it! 

But how to be in the know in a country which hides information, which threatens and condemns the doctors who treat? We’ve never seen that, it’s an aberration! Let the doctors prescribe! 

Currently all is well, I have returned to work without any problem. The 02 saturation oscillates between 98 and 99% (except when I wear the surgical mask all day, as required in the workplace, as the saturation drops then to 95 – 96%). 

I hope that my personal experience will be useful to others, in any case it is my dearest wish. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. 

Best regards 

(name is kept confidential)

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