Dallas MD Yvette Lozano Gets Into Trouble for Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine

Following a videotaped speech about how she successfully treats patients with hydroxychloroquine, that widely circulated over social media, Dallas MD Yvette Lozano became instantly known, and even attracted the attention of Fox News prominent journalist Laura Ingraham.

In this interview, she explains how pharmacies in Texas are now telling her the will refuse honouring prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, if it’s to treat COVID-19. She refers to a mandate by the pharmacy board that now prevents the drug to be dispensed, unless accompanied by a diagnosis, which she says violates medical secrecy.

“It has been an extremely difficult situation for me in the last couple of days. Yesterday, I wrote five prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, and I sent them to a pharmacy that I have used for the past 20 years. I actually got a phone call from the pharmacist letting me know that she was not going to refill another prescription for me for hydroxychloroquine.”

“I told her she couldn’t do that, that these patients were sick, and that if I have written the prescription, she needed to fill these. She told me she was not going to fill another prescription for me. I asked her to give her name and told I was going to call the pharmacy board. She said she has the right to deny to fill this prescription for you.”

“… I have so many sick patients at the office. Today was horrible. I treated 15 people that needed 15 prescriptions, could not get them, and had to squirrel all over Dallas to try to find these prescriptions.” 

See the full interview on this video, where Dr Lozano also talks about how her patients do with the treatment, and check our previous story at the link below.