Early Treatment: What You Need to Know – a ClubHouse Discussion

This upcoming Saturday, at 11 AM EST, we will have a discussion about early outpatient treatment on ClubHouse (voice only). Our discussions typically attract health professionals, medical doctors and concerned citizens.

The novelty is that the application is now available for Android too (in the US initially, but there are ways around apparently). So you are all welcome to join!

The early treatment themes to be discussed include:

  1. knowledge; “you need to know that you need to know”
  2. what is it: get treated at first symptoms, at the disease onset
  3. early treatments: yes they do exist and they keep on improving
  4. beware: you are not out of the woods before at least 8 days
  5. testing: not necessary, can delay treatment & be misleading (false negatives)
  6. doctors: generally, only a few practice early outpatient treatment
  7. telemedicine: also works, sometimes available
  8. countries: some oppose, some tolerate, some promote it
  9. risk stratification: risk grows with age and co-morbidities
  10. plan: you need to have a plan for when you might get COVID

A key academic reference to understand early outpatient treatment is Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) by Professor Peter A McCullough et al. published in late 2020 in the Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

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You are also suggested to consult the AAPS Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

On ClubHouse, we have a club called COVID OUTPATIENT CARE which you are invited to follow.

At the link below, you will find a form that allows you to seek an immediate invite to join ClubHouse (which is by invitation only).


We look forward to your participation!