Hospitalized Former NHL Player Georges Laraque Warns Parents about Premature Return to School

Former NHL Player Georges Laraque is now being treated for COVID-19.

Laraque explains in two videos his experience with how he was treated, which was pretty terrible in the beginning. He explains how he was sent back home. He fortunately suspended his his volunteer work with the elderly, as he believed he might be infected.

Despite having retired from the NHL, Laraque remains in great shape and was actively training for his third Montreal marathon. In his most recent video, he is feeling much better he says. 

A key message from Laraque: think twice before returning your kids to school in Québec, where the pandemic is raging, yet where the provincial government has decided to reopen pre-schools and primary schools on May 11 or 19, according to regions.

Laraque, whose kids are in Edmonton, Alberta, where schools will not reopen before September (like in most other Canadian provinces) predicts a second wave of infections following Québec’s premature return to school. 

In Québec, even with the deficient testing, there are officially some 1,000 new cases per day, and there are days where the number of deaths exceeds 100.

Since yesterday, a record 2,209 new cases were reported – a 7.4% increase in a single day.

Out of a total of 31,865 cases at the time of writing this article, there were only 7,258 patients having officially recovered, while there were 2,205 deaths, according to official figures.

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Official COVID-19 Stats for Québec – see source for details.

We have covered in our article about New Brunswick, where there are no new cases now for two consecutive weeks, and where not a single death has been recorded, that schools will not reopen before the fall.

Note that Laraque talks about 2 months of school left, but it’s actually closer to one month, and June has plenty of official vacation days and is usually not taken that seriously, especially in pre-schools and primary schools.

There is anxiety about this premature return to school in the province of Québec, not only with parents, but also with teachers and daycare workers, who will be prime candidates for new infections.

Highlights of his Videos:

  • gets sick with symptoms on Sunday April 26
  • testing initially refused, even if showing symptoms
  • pulmonary X-Ray done, doctor says no issues with X-Ray
  • sent back home even if he is very likely contagious
  • getting worse, goes back to hospital two days later, testing is again denied
  • receives call from hospital, saying they misread the X-Ray: he has pneumonia
  • but doctor is absent, so he is asked to wait for another two days to check in
  • pneumonia confirmed, yet after insisting, gets tested for COVID-19, it’s positive
  • gets hospitalized at the Charles LeMoyne Hospital in the Montreal area
  • shares a room with three people, all infected with COVID-19
  • receives oxygen, intravenous fluids, asthma treatment, plus unspecified pills
  • says going to the bathroom is harder than running a 10 K
  • expects a long hospitalization even if his situation improves
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Note: in Canada, hydroxychloroquine is not authorized for the early treatment of COVID-19. It’s presented by the governmental department “Health Canada” as a very risky medication.

See video excerpt.


Laraque, usually known in his “enforcer” capacity, also achieved this amazing hat trick.