International Covid Summit Highlights

The event was organized at the Brussels facilities of the European Parliament. This was made possible by a handful of parliamentarians – Cristian Terhes, Christine Anderson, Ivan Vilibor Sincic, Francesca Donato & Mislav Kolakusic – who have been highly skeptical very early on about the European official policies & narratives regarding COVID-19.

These European parliamentarians are however far from representing the mainstream views within the European Parliament, as most Members of the European Parliament are largely in lockstep with the official EU policies and narratives. There were no speakers presenting these official positions and no debate did actually take place among the speakers or with the audience, which was probably not achievable given the number of speakers in this one day event.

German MEP Christine Anderson interestingly referred to the gathered experts and politicians as a “family of dissenting voices from all around the globe” and said she was particularly grateful to be part of that family.

This was a one day event, and while gathering several important dissenting voices, others were not present and several important COVID-19 related topics were not covered. So it’s important to keep that in mind. But with these caveats said, the event provided high quality highly relevant content, which is really worth watching.

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(this was published on the Substack on May 2023)