Interview with Marc Girardot: Natural Immunity

Natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity – an Interview with Marc Girardot from PANDA

This interview is about natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity and draws from the recently published article by Marc Girardot that you can access at this link:…

Marc Girardot is an experienced hi-tech leader, passionate about innovation and customer success with a rich and international experience in a wide variety of domains such as automotive, IT and biotech. He has experience in digitalisation, in innovation, in go-to-market strategies and in business development, and he has a strong capacity to decipher complex topics. Marc has strong business and personal values, developed at best-in-class companies such as Cisco, Booz Allen and Air Liquide. He is a regular keynote lecturer / speaker at corporate universities and business schools. He is also the author of two patents in the automotive space. Marc has a bachelor degree in science, but has mostly pursued a business education, and he holds an MBA from the prestigious INSEAD business school in France, where he is a visiting lecturer.

In relation with the pandemic, Marc is associated with a data driven group called PANDA, which stands for Pandemic Data and Analytics. Early on, last year, he took a keen interest in immunity for COVID-19, especially natural immunity, and this is what this interview is about.

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