Interview with Nick Hudson from Pandemics Data & Analytics (PANDA)

This is a far reaching interview with Nick Hudson, who is the leader of PANDA, which stands for Pandemics Data & Analytics

The interview covers a range of fundamental aspects of the pandemic, including lockdowns; masks; testing; early outpatient treatment & vaccines; the Great Barrington Declaration; information and censorship; trends towards technocratic centralization & responses such as populism to counter them; the live data available at and the role of the organization in the future.

The chairman of PANDA, Nick Hudson is an actuary with broad international experience in finance, who has settled into a career as a private equity investor. He is a man of wide-ranging interests—an avid reader of canonical literature, a classical music aficionado, and an enthusiastic amateur ornithologist. He has been invited to speak on various topics including epistemology, corporate governance, investment management, and more recently, the pandemic.

Visit PANADA’S website at: PANDA’s live data can be found at this link.

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