Interview with Professor Éric Chabrière from the IHU Méditerranée about the Hydroxychloroquine / Azithromycin Treatment

Eric Chabrière, one of the most renowned professors working with Professor Didier Raoult, comments the situation of the epidemic as of March 28 as well as the latest results published by his institute “IHU Méditerranée Infection.”

What are the characteristics of the treatment practiced at the IHU?

This promising treatment combines 2 molecules – hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin – which allow the viral load to drop by almost 100% after 5 days, provided the treatment is administered early.

The IHU method consists of diagnosing, identifying the pathology and treating in a hospital environment, with regular checks of the patients’ electrocardiogram. 

We believe it is inhuman to tell patients to “stay at home” and refusing them a diagnosis in the hospital, without testing or treatment, when the luckiest or most influential are tested even for mild cases …

Treating when respiratory distress occurs is useless, it’s like vaccinating when you already have the flu.

What are your results in Marseille?

Our position is simple: we have never pretended to a miracle treatment, everyone can make up his own opinion given the figures.

I urge the members of the group to consult our figures on the site

As of tonight March 28, more than 870 people have been treated at the IHU, with only one death. To date, Marseille has had only 13 deaths, including at the Public Assistance Hospitals of Marseille (APHM).

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Hearing specialists on TV news saying that chloroquine is toxic is just a lie. Moreover, this is accompanied by contemptuous and insulting attacks against our solidarity with Covid-19 patients.

What can be done to address the territorial inequality for accessing treatment?

Mass screening is the prerequisite, as evidenced by the queue before the IHU, which does not include only people from Marseille. 

Since the treatment is effective, and the date that everyone can consult clearly show it, our approach should simply be applied elsewhere.

But France is not a modern country, it is doing worse than Iran! 

The disintegration of the health system is compounded by a reluctance to change and a lack of self-questioning. 

Not to mention the conflict of interest situations that characterize many of our detractors …

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