Current Covid Policy Issues – Interview with John Matland

We talk about the protests in Canada, Omicron, natural immunity, Covid policy and much more. And following several demands, I have added links to some of the elements addressed in the interview.

About Covid becoming similarly lethal as the flu

Source: Public Health England / The Telegraph

About the infamous slide 16 October 2020 – (in other words, they knew from the trials what was to be expected)

In the April 30 2021 “Post Marketing Experience” report, all these predicted adverse events were confirmed, and many many more, at a magnitude never seen in human history.

The report was made public by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency

Here is our analysis of the report:

About the risk of hospitalization; it’s about zero with quality out-patient pre-hospital treatment (example: 2 out of 8000 in the case of the Tyson / Fareed urgent care in California), but about 20% (in 2020) without such pre-hospital / home treatment.

Analysis about the implications of Omicron for policy

Interview of Dr. Shankara Chetty about Omicron