Recommended Articles & Interviews – Even if “Old”

Here is a short selection of articles and interviews that I recommend, as they provide a solid introduction of what is occurring today with COVID-19.

The two distinguished experts discuss the most current developments and issues with COVID-19, vaccination and early treatment. (this is a relatively recent and to a large extent still current analysis of the situation by the two prominent experts – Interview was in March 2022)

1,223 deaths, known by March / April 2021, indicates a huge safety issue. Any real, serious, regulator should have immediately investigated and stopped the mass vaccination program with these injections. The article is from December 2021 – shortly after the post-marketing report was released (but caught very little attention at the time)

The September 2021 interview covers the question of the magnitude of adverse effects, as compared to previous vaccination programs; the issue of under-reporting, which is considerable; the question of causality between an adverse event and an injection and the extent to which causality can be established, The number and severity of adverse events discussed in the interview confirm mass vaccination should have been stopped by then.

As Omicron emerged first in South Africa (even if its origins are still not known) that December 2021 interview presented the extremely important policy implications of this variant, which was shown to be much less lethal and could easily be dealt with early treatment programs with generic therapeutics, i.e. without further C19 injections.

This May 2021 interview of Dr. Chetty, from South Africa, has been instrumental in making his “8th day therapy” much better known world-wide. Confronted with restrictions on the use of drugs such as HCQ and IVM, Dr. Chetty innovated and developed a therapy relying on drugs such as anti-histamines and anti-coagulants. These are now widely used world-wide, in a variety of protocols, including for long-covid.

Before Omicron, there was Delta, and the medical doctors treating COVID-19 early adapted their protocols to this variant. The session not only discussed several approaches to deal with the Delta, but was also instrumental in fromenting “reconciliation” within the early treatment movement, which had been fractured following the dismissal of HCQ by the FLCCC – which is now something of the past as HCQ is again part of the FLCCC early treatment protocols.

Well before he became internationally well-known as the most prominent proponent of early treatment for COVID-19, before he became a household name for Fox News viewers or Joe Rogan podcast listeners – he has had the most popular podcast episode on the Joe Rogan show ever – Dr. Peter McCullough participated in several webinars. This one – the first – was particularly moving, because he just had gotten COVID-19 himself. The webinar not only features Dr. McCullough but also Dr Brian Tyson, who gave him a few tips to overcome COVID-19 with early treatment!

Maybe the saddest aspect of COVID-19 is the large number of deaths in nursing homes, while it was to a very large extent preventable, through early treatment. This is still the case today. We had webinars about this with two pioneers of the use of early treatment protocols in nursing homes: Dr. Robin Armstrong and Dr. George Fareed. Also, the famous Professor Borody from Australia explained very early on how early treatment was perfectly suitable for taking care of the elderly. These doctors knew how to save those lives, but they barely were heard.

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