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Greetings. The site has not been updated recently and also, the podcast / interviews have been put on pause. Let me explain. What happened over the past months is that, contrary to the beginning of the crisis, in 2020, when information was not flowing well, especially about early treatments for C19, there are now many resources available. Yes C19 is a treatable disease and it always has been. Regarding vaccination, very early on, this blog insisted that it should not be a replacement to early treatment, but we now know that considerable efforts have been made to repress access to and information about early treatment, to the benefit of a vaccine only solution. But we also now have considerable evidence that this is not really a solution, and even that since early 2021, these injections should have been paused because of the considerable associated safety issues. In light of all of this information, in a normal world, the response to Covid-19 would have been totally different. Mass vaccination would not have taken place. Early treatment and prophylaxis would have been the norm. Death and disease from Covid-19 would have been much much lower. But we are not living in a normal world any longer … What we now know is that Covid-19 has ample ramifications that go well beyond preventing and treating a disease. This is way too much for a person to cover in his spare time, especially when the goal is to be proactive and to provide genuinely relevant information. I may write more in the future, and there is still plenty of relevant info in this website, so it’s kept online. Below is a non-comprehensive list of resources you may want to consult. Thanks for your time. Regards. Jean-Pierre K.

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Selected Resources

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FLCCC Website (about early treatments)

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