Webinar with Professor Paul Marik: the Prevention & Outpatient Treatment of C19

Today, there is a crisis in hospitals in the US and many other countries, where C19 is not treated before hospitalization. Yet a key to resolve the crisis is the prevention and early treatment of the disease, at home, or even in nursing homes. Indeed, with prevention and early treatment, the odds of hospitalization are substantially reduced.

Time has elapsed since our interview with Professor Varon, who presented us the Math+ Protocol last May, where the importance of early treatment was already highlighted. This new webinar provides an update about the early outpatient treatment protocol recommended by Paul Marik, and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group. The webinar puts particular emphasis on the I-Mask+ Protocol, developed in October, which focuses on the prevention and early treatment of C19. The I-Mask+ protocol is available in English and other languages

The webinar comprises a PowerPoint presentation by Prof Paul Marik and many pointed questions from the audience, with extremely instructive, and sometimes witty, answers by Professor Paul Marik.

Enjoy this high value information and please share widely!

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