Anecdotal of Course

This morning I heard from a friend in Europe. She told me that her mom had COVID-19. She is a remarkable lady whom I have known for many years. She is in her 80s. Like most people her age, she has health problems – “co-morbidities” as they say these days. But year after year, she is still largely autonomous and lives on her own. Her condition suddenly deteriorated and she went by ambulance to the hospital. Her test for COVID-19 came back positive. Given the poor condition she was in, my friend was asked if she should be resuscitated if her situation got worse. At the hospital, she was treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Her condition gradually improved. She remains under observation at the hospital but her life today seems out of danger.

Also this morning, I communicated with a friend in Montreal. He told me that his mom died ten days ago. She died, like so many elderly people in Quebec, in a residential and long-term care center (CHSLD). She was not hospitalized. She was not provided any real treatment. I did not know her. But just like my friend’s mother in Europe, she’s a person who gave everything for her children, for her grandchildren. May she stay in peace.