Boris v. Jacinda: Who Would You Pick as Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson v. Jacinda Ardern: Who Would You Pick as Prime Minister?

When it comes with dealing with COVID-19, the answer is pretty straightforward. Just watch this video!

Among all the stupid things Boris Johnson and his colleagues say in the video, note that he admits having shaken hands with many people infected with the virus, which brings the obvious question: was Boris Johnson a superspreader?

And where are the UK and New-Zealand at in terms of deaths? As of writing this, the UK already had 33,614 deaths so far, versus 21 in New Zealand. And of course, the UK will be way above that by the time you read this.

And by the way, the UK, like Canada, is one of the last countries on earth to deny hydroxychloroquine-based early treatment for COVID-19 for its population – treatments increasingly seen as effective, as discussed in this  post.

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