Newsletter #16


We hosted our first webinar with Dr Peter A. McCullough about the algorithm for early outpatient treatment. The event was extremely well received, and you can watch the recording on our website if you missed it.

We have two other important webinars scheduled, one about prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 in nursing homes, where controlling COVID-19 is critical to reduce mortality, and the other about the now peer reviewed and published Zelenko study, the role of Zinc and the therapeutic approaches used in Germany for COVID-19.

Prevention & Early Treatment of COVID-19: a Webinar with Professor Paul Marik, MD

When: Thursday December 17 at 11 AM EDTFormat: 15 minutes presentation and 45 minutes for Q&AsAudience: Medical professionals seeking education about prevention and early treatment […]

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>>  COVID-19 Taking Québec Nursing Homes by Storm, Despite Full Vaccination

These are free, high information, events, and you are most welcome to register and participate. Also please spread the word among your circles about these webinars. It’s increasingly difficult to reach out through social media, so please forward this email to anyone who may be interested.

We are pleased to present an exceptional interview with Professor Harvey Risch. This is a genuine master class regarding the (mis-)handling of the pandemic. We will put the second part online soon.

We have also a number of noteworthy news to bring to your attention, including the manoeuvres in France aimed at completely shutting down the HCQ supplies at Professor Raoult’s hospital in Marseille.

2nd International Covid Summit to be Held in France, Just Prior to the Presidential Election!

While there is talk now that Djokovic may not be allowed to participate at Roland Garros, because of the draconian vaccination passport regulations adopted by […]

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>>  Dr. Malone in the Footsteps of Dr. McCullough on the Joe Rogan Show

Quebec Announces ‘Natural Booster’!

An important announcement was made by the Government of the Canadian province of Quebec on December 30, as part of a press conference called to […]

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>>  Will the Australian Open be safe? Can the event be realistically held?

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