COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment & Prophylaxis for Older People – a Webinar with Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson

Learn about the best practices for treating older people, at home or in nursing homes, drawing from the practical experience of two of the very best covid doctors in the world!

When: 11 AM EST – February 23 – Where: Globally / Internet — Registration Fee: Free! –

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For Whom: for medical professionals especially those working with older people, either at home or in aged care facilities, retirement and nursing homes, and for anyone interested in the outpatient prevention & treatment of C19. Please share with anyone who may be interested!

We are pleased to present a webinar focusing on probably the most challenging aspect of the fight against C19, namely the prevention and early treatment of the disease for older people, who are particularly vulnerable, especially when they live in settings such as long term care facilities and nursing homes.

Today, we are living an unprecedented situation where there exists reasonably effective early therapies for older people sick with COVID-19. There even exists reasonably effective prophylaxis therapies for these people, and we are not talking here about vaccines – a topic that will not be covered in the webinar.

In the vast majority of cases, older people are not offered prophylaxis or early therapies. This  brings the disease to evolve, too often towards a fatal outcome, because of the often fragile health status and weak immunity of the very old. This is happening in numerous nursing homes, aged care facilities and is an ongoing tragedy in countries such as Canada, the US, the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, to name just a few.

The experience by medical doctors such as Dr George Fareed, Dr Brian Tyson, and others such as Dr Robin Armstrong, shows that severe disease and death can largely be prevented as outcomes for very old people, as long the right prevention and early treatment approaches are adopted. Prevention and treatment protocols have improved with time, with the accumulated practical experience of these doctors. A treatment algorithm, encompassing such treatments, was actually recently published summarizing this therapeutic approach:

It’s extremely important to realize that, yes, we are dealing here with the most vulnerable group, yet in most instances, the disease can be successfully prevented or treated. Such treatment remains mostly denied however as, to deal with outbreaks, authorities mostly rely on non-therapeutic approaches (limitation of visitation rights etc), which show little effectiveness in combating an airborne virus. And of course, if the disease can be successfully prevented or treated for those most vulnerable people, it demonstrates that it can typically be successfully prevented or treated for about anyone on an outpatient basis.

This webinar aims to provide the best quality information, yet will remain very practical, down to earth, to make it highly relevant for any medical doctor or health professional. Remember, it’s mostly older people who are at risk from this disease.

The following aspects will be covered:

  • how to diagnose C19 in an older person
  • typical multi-drug regimens for early treatment
  • when is oxygen supplementation required
  • best timing for treatment to be successful 
  • medical conditions and risk factors
  • possible allergies or side effects
  • monitoring tools for follow up of patients 
  • when to consider hospital transfer
  • typical regimens for prophylaxis / prevention
  • aged care facility level strategies to prevent outbreaks
  • off-label prescriptions & regulatory issues
  • the role of families to ensure best treatment is provided
  • how MDs & health professionals can get the right training

In addition, concrete case studies, of patients having been treated by Dr Fareed and Dr Tyson, will be discussed.

You will be able to ask questions when you fill out the registration form, as well as online, in the comments section, while watching the webinar.

About the Speakers

Dr George Fareed has a distinguished medical career spanning some 50 years. He graduated from the prestigious Harvard Medical School in 1970, held teaching positions at Harvard University, at the University of Nice in France – yes Dr Fareed is fluent in French -, and at the University of California in Los Angeles. His career comprised both extensive research and clinical practice. His research covered aspects such as enzymes for DNA recombination, antigens, AIDS and Cancer. His clinical work covered mostly family medicine, sports medicine and AIDS. He presently practices in Southern California, in Brawley and in El Centro, and he has already treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients since March, at his practice at the Pioneers Health Center in Brawley, and at a nearby nursing home. 

Dr. Brian Tyson, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist with some 20 years of experience in the medical field.  He founded in 2018 the All Valley Urgent Care in El Centro, California, where he and his team have taken care of over 4,000 C19 patients over the past year.  Dr Tyson graduated from the School of Medicine of the American University of the Caribbean in Sint-Marteen, in 2002. He also holds a degree in emergency medical care from Loma Linda University in California.

Both Dr Fareed and Dr Tyson are co-authors of the landmark article “Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)” —

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