Dr George Fareed – the Outpatient Treatment of C19

California-based & Harvard graduate Dr George Fareed provides an update about the outpatient treatment of COVID-19, for newly infected and for long covid patients. He explains the early treatment protocols he has successfully implemented jointly with Dr Brian Tyson on thousands of patients. Dr Fareed’s invaluable perspectives rely on over 50 years of experience both as a clinical researcher and as a family medicine specialist.

This interview is presented strictly for the purpose of information exchange only, not for therapeutic advice or for self-medication. For therapeutic advice, please contact your health care provider or medical doctor.

We experienced a technical issue with the audio recording that we are unable to resolve. Given the importance of the interview, we are still presenting it, both as a podcast and in video, despite this issue.

Note that Dr Fareed appeared just two days after on a prime program on national TV in the US.