Dr Zelenko Interview – Part 2

In this second part of our interview with the esteemed Dr Vladimir Zelenko, we discuss how COVID-19 badly affected the Hasidic community both in New York and Montreal.

He recounts in particular the tragedy of a young pregnant woman, in her 20s, in Montreal, who was not able to secure the required drugs for early treatment, and who is still in intensive care, 2 months later. She lost her baby.

Dr Zelenko issues a call to the Canadian and other governments to adopt early treatment for COVID-19. Justin Trudeau is most welcome to visit Dr Zelenko’s medical practice and to learn directly from him how he diagnoses and treat his patients early, to avoid hospitalization and complications as much as possible.

Also discussed is the responsibility of corporations in protecting both their employees from COVID-19, to protect their human resources and consequently their bottom line.

Note: we had some minor technical difficulties, so that there are a few sound issues here and there during the interview.

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