Dr Zelenko Interview – Part 3

As you probably know, Dr Zelenko is currently hospitalized because of a heart condition and is expected to have a heart surgery shortly.

He has huge courage and is so thankful for the many prayers made for him from all over the world. 

In a video message on Twitter this Saturday, he is clear: the truth is unstoppable at this point. It’s just a function of time, even if unfortunately, time means lives continue to be lost. 

He also reminds us that it’s upon us to spread the word about early treatment. 

This third part of this July 7 interview with Dr Zelenko goes into the depth, into the root causes of the poor therapeutic responses to COVID-19, that unnecessarily occurred in many countries with the tragic consequences we all know. 

Here are some of the points that were discussed:

  • NY policies about nursing homes, HCQ
  • RCTs v. real world evidence
  • The Lancet study and its implications
  • 84% reduction in hospitalization with the Zelenko protocol
  • Doctor patient relationship in jeopardy
  • Messages to Joe Biden and the WHO
  • What people in power think about us
  • Sooner or later, the truth will come out
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