Early Treatment for COVID-19, the Role of Telemedicine, the Cost of ICU Treatment, & Other Aspects

In this fifth clip of our interview with Professor Varon, we cover a range of aspects, including challenges with testing; the stigma associated with testing, telemedicine & its limitations; the Houston memorial hospital Special COVID Clinic; the need for contact tracing, access to testing and treatment, including for those without insurance or residing illegally in the US, and the very high cost of ICU treatment, despite the fact that the medication cost of the MATH+ protocol is extremely cheap.

Professor Joseph Varon is Professor of Acute and Continuing Care at the University of Texas Health Science Center and Chief of Staff/Chief of Critical Care at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

Professor Varon is part of a network of esteemed medical doctors having developed therapeutic expertise for COVID-19, along with Professor Paul Marik, from the Eastern Virginia Medical Group, and others.

Watch the clip below, or watch the Playlist with all clips so far.