Excellent French Documentary on Prophylaxis & Early Treatment

A new documentary by independent filmmaker Alexandre Chavouet can now be viewed online. The documentary is titled “Badly Treated – COVID-19 – How Sick Patients Were Denied Effective Remedies.”

The documentary presents the repression of early treatment, with azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine and other generic drugs; the support by the French and other authorities to ineffective and unsafe remdesivir, the role of supplements such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc, the issues of conflicts of interest and potential corruption in the medical world, and much more.

This is a pretty detailed documentary, with several general practitioners and specialists being interviewed, so it’s not just the Professor Raoult’s perspectives that are presented.

Not sure how long it will stay on youtube, but you can find it below, for free.

If you activate the subtitles, you can then activate their automatic translation towards English or another language. (check this short video for explanations as to how to activate auto-translation)

It’s a must watch documentary, probably the best about prophylaxis and early treatment.

You need 1 hour 27 min 33 seconds … it will time well spent!