The UK Therapeutic Approach to COVID-19 is Flawed, Yet It Can Still be Rectified

This article, published (in English and French) in the leading online French newspaper France Soir, asserts that the UK therapeutic approach to COVID-19 is flawed, yet that it can still be rectified.

The article focuses on the UK, yet is applicable to a number of other jurisdictions, as the therapeutic “strategy” that requires to ask people suffering from COVID-19 to stay home, without any real treatment, hoping things will improve with time, is pretty common, including in countries such as Canada.

The required policy change is encapsulated in this proposed slogan modification for the National Health Service: Get Tested ASAP – Receive Early Treatment – Save your Life, to replace the well-known official slogan “Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives.”

It’s important to note that the UK guidelines do not include any form of supplements, even if these are recommended by a number of top level experts both for prophylaxis and for dealing with mild infections. Here is for example what is suggested by Professor Marik, from the East Virginia Medical Group.


Find the full article on the France Soir website.

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