Globe & Mail Opinion Piece is Pretty Good, Except for its Wrong Conclusion…

There is an interesting opinion piece dated March 26 in the Globe and Mail, suggesting to give the hydroxychloroquine treatment a chance.

At the same time, unfortunately, the conclusion is plain wrong as it goes against the latest science.

The conclusion reads:

“Health Authorities in Canada should hold off approving chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for broad use as a treatment against COVID-19, until proper clinical trials determine its effectiveness and prove it can be used safely. They should, however, consider allowing for their use on a compassionate basis now for the most severe COVID-19 cases.”

What is now known is that, to be effective, the medication needs to be taken at an early stage. Therefore, recommending to use it “on a compassionate basis now for the most severe COVID-19 cases” is completely wrong.

The treatment will be ineffective at that late stage. Maybe it will give a good conscience to some, but it will not save the patient.

Also to be noted is the reference to clinical trials. What kind of trials are going on in Canada? It’s pretty likely they suffer from similar flaws as the trials that just started in UK and in Europe – see article reference below.

The importance of the French research should be a paramount factor for Canada to immediately approve the hydroxychloroquine / azithromycin treatment.

There is no time to waste when an effective treatment has been found. There are just too many lives at stake.