Innovative Therapies for the Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19

Innovative Therapies for the Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19: A Webinar with Dr. Darrell DeMello, General Practitioner, Independent Researcher & TeleMedicine Consultant

Registrations are now closed. We gave priority to MDs for this event, so it may be possible you registered and did not receive the log in details. We expect however to post some highlights of the event in the near future.

When? on Saturday June 5 2021 at 11 AM EST.
Who? For Medical Doctors and COVID-19 Researchers
Price: The webinar will provide invaluable information, yet is free of charge!

We are pleased to present a webinar with Dr Darrell DeMello, who is one of these innovative medical doctors who treat COVID-19 patients on an outpatient basis and develop new, even more effective, approaches for the early treatment of the disease.

Dr Darrell DeMello has considerable experience with COVID-19. So far, he has treated some 6,000 COVID-19 patients and provided prophylaxis to another 12,000!.

For this webinar, Dr. Darrell DeMello will tell us about his latest findings when it comes his therapeutic approaches for COVID-19.

The webinar will include a short presentation, which will feature specific cases of patients having received treatment and the achieved therapeutic outcomes. Dr DeMello will then answer questions from the audience.

This webinar is reserved in priority to Medical Doctors and researchers working on COVID-19. Please register online and we will send you the access code to attend.

About Dr. Darrell DeMello

Dr. Darrell DeMello is a Mumbai based medical doctor with a considerable experience in the treatment of COVID-19. Trained in both medical science and in business administration, he has a long and distinguished career in business, spanning some 30 years, yet, since 2018, he practices medicine in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for both corporate and general practice clinics. Since 2019, he works with CNH Care and offers telemedicine clinics.

Regarding COVID-19, he has treated some 6,000 patients on an outpatient basis, using telemedicine and an Innovative Drug Therapy Program. He developed a successful treatment approach, personalized for each patient by stage, severity and by date from onset of symptoms. He also used prophylaxis for some 12,000 family members to “sanitize” the whole family to stop the spread.

The kind of results he achieves is to stop clotting in the lungs & cleaning up lung damage – HR CT Scan of Chest Severity Score of 15/25 to 0/25 within 30 days.

Dr. Darrell DeMello has some 30 years of experience in the medical field, with tenures at Wyeth Labs (India), American Cyanamid (India), C R Bard (India), Boston Scientific (USA & India), ScyFIX LLC (USA) and Market Access India (USA). He performed a variety of functions for these corporations, such as global sales, marketing, market development, business development, strategic management & general management experience with minimally invasive medical devices in interventional cardiology, vascular surgery/ interventions, cardiac surgery, gastro-enterology/Endoscopy and Ophthalmology class II and III medical devices.

Dr. Darrell DeMello holds degrees in medicine and surgery from St John’s Medical College, Bangalore and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.