Interview with Brian Tyson, MD, from California – a Pioneer of Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19

Dr Brian Tyson is one of the pioneers of early outpatient treatment for COVID-19, with zero death and just one short hospitalization out of some 1700 COVID-19 positive patients in Southern California. 

In this detailed interview, Dr Tyson explains the story of his involvement in fighting the disease, how leaving his patients without treatment was never an option. The interview covers multiple aspects, including how he got testing organized while it was basically unavailable, how patients refused to go to the hospital as feeling safer being treated as outpatients by Dr Tyson and his colleagues, how he came to treat patients from all walks of life, including aged people in their 90s. Dr Tyson also expresses his views about clinical trials, vaccines, and the rejection of early treatment by the authorities at the State and federal levels, even when therapeutic results likes his – zero death and just one short hospitalization out of 1 700 patients – should speak for themselves and convinced any skeptic.

Think about this. If all the doctors in the world had acted like Dr Brian Tyson, what would have been the death toll from the pandemic?

The message at the end of the interview: if you get COVID-19, seek early treatment, whatever your political affiliation!