Interview with Dr Altino de Almeida – Part 3

In this third part of our interview with the esteemed Dr Altino de Almeida, we talk, broadly speaking, about public health policies. This includes many interlinked aspects, such as:

  • Response at federal and state Levels
  • the medical expert board advising the federal minister of health 
  • the bottom-up information flow relying on medical doctors throughout the country
  • the amazing yet tragic episode in Belem, where many were saved, but also where many medical doctors lost their lives
  • the protection & prophylaxis for medical professionals, including with the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • the constant progress towards convincing medical doctors and local authorities to adopt the new early treatment approach
  • the vaccination trials in Brazil and how such vaccination may not be a solution for the country
  • a special message to the WHO, to stop claiming there is no treatment and to let the medical doctors of the world to treat their patients

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