Ivermectin Save BoJo (aka Boris Johnson)!

Don’t worry. Boris Johnson is safe. He got Covid in March 2020, got hospitalized and recovered from it. He is safe. 

Actually, like anyone having recovered from Covid, Boris Johnson enjoys natural immunity for Covid. Even when he is again exposed to the virus, he will not develop Covid again. Reinfection is indeed extremely rare.

So why would Boris Johnson need the infamous Ivermectin – this “dewormer” that was central to the prompt Covid recovery of Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Aaron Rodgers and tens of thousands of other less famous fellow humans?

Because Ivermectin is now a metaphor for early treatment. And early treatment could actually save Boris Johnson … politically.

Early treatment means treating Covid at the first symptoms, with a well-established combination / sequence of drugs that prevents the disease from progressing.

Ivermectin is a key drug in such early treatment, even if it’s not even a necessary drug for such treatment to be successful, as other drugs can be used.

Boris Johnson has been obedient to the interests of big pharma for the past 2 years. He did bet all his cards on vaccination and thoroughly repressed early treatment in the UK.

In addition to lockdowns and other restrictive measures, Boris Johnson relentlessly urged the people to stay home when they got Covid, without any form of treatment, supposedly to “protect the NHS” and “save lives.”

Yet that policy was totally counter-productive. It generated immense pressure on the health care system, on the hospital system. The policy did not protect the NHS, it brought it on the brink of collapsing. 

The policy did not save lives either. The combination of zero pre-hospital treatment with poor quality “usual care” hospital treatment, sometimes augmented with ineffective or poorly dosed drugs, resulted in high fatality rates.

Even if naturally immune against Covid, as he recovered from the disease, Boris Johnson took a first jab, and then a second jab, and then a booster jab. He is now urging people in the UK to go for a booster as early as 3 months after their second dose. 

But the jabs and the boosters are unfortunately very far from working as hoped for.  Boris Johnson’s bet on vaccination is failing before our eyes. It did not deliver the hoped for outcome. It looks more and more as a failure, even if it will take time for most to realize it.

In the UK, like in other countries, the injections have not flattened the curve. A large majority of those hospitalized and even admitted to the ICU for Covid are fully vaccinated. This occurs with the still dominant Delta variant, yet there is even less effectiveness with the Omicron.

These graphs look real bad, but there is more.

Boris Johnson did not tell the people, but he certainly has been briefed about it. The latest report by Neil Ferguson et al. from Imperial College London indicates a NEGATIVE vaccine effectiveness with Omicron, both for the Astra Zeneca and the Pfizer.

Accordingly, those who are fully injected have a higher chance of infection than those who are not injected! 

The report suggests this can be corrected by a booster, but the booster will only yield about 50% protection, which is certainly not good enough for a vaccine. At least, that’s not what people expect from a truly protective and supposedly life-saving injection.

A consistent, yet more alarming analysis relies on data from Denmark – another highly vaccinated country. The analysis found an astounding minus 154% vaccine efficacy for omicron among the fully vaccinated. This is reduced to minus 26% for those having got a booster shot. 

Yes, according to this analysis, the unvaccinated (0% of vaccine efficacy) fare better than both those fully vaccinated or having received a booster shot. The author suggests that Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) may be at play.

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See here a short article about the question of negative vaccine efficacy.

Generally speaking, it should not be a surprise that these jabs don’t work well against Omicron, which is a highly mutated form of the virus. The jabs were indeed developed to provide protection against the original Wuhan strain.

The first cases of Omicron were identified in fully jabbed travellers, of undisclosed origin (!), in Botswana on November 11. Since then, there have been numerous cases of Omicron infections all over the world, and a majority seems to be fully vaccinated people. This variant seems not only to infect, but even to thrive in, the fully vaccinated.

So the whole vaccination-centric policy to address Covid, which was ill-advised from the very beginning, as argued in this article from over a year ago, may now be falling apart. Yes, still today, the UK Therapeutic Approach to COVID-19 is Flawed, Yet It Can Still be Rectified!

Since this June 2020 article, there have been improvements in the early treatment protocols for COVID-19. Early treatment has however been systematically denied to the UK population, at great costs in terms of unnecessary suffering. unnecessary disease including severe disease and long covid, and unnecessary loss of lives.

Boris Johnson has a lot of explaining to do, but he could probably handle that, by blaming his advisors (Whitty, Vallance, etc.) and firing them, and by instead hiring advisors who are real doctors, who treat real patients (and not statistics/numbers), who believe in real medicine, as real medicine calls for diseases to be treated early, and who are not conflicted/compromised because of ties with industry.

Boris Johnson’s mishandling of COVID has cost many lives, but it may also cost him his political life. David Frost, a former Brexit negotiator, sent his resignation over the handling of coronavirus. Just a few days ago, there was a near rebellion among Boris Johnson’s own conservative caucus, with the revived plans to activate vaccination passports.

With the vaccines being essentially ineffective, and possibly even detrimental with Omicron, Boris Johnson is back at square one. His call for more boosters will probably not resolve the problem, as any possible benefits of the boosters will at best be short lived.

There is a caveat to be made here. Information from South Africa, where the variant has circulated for about a month, points at Omicron only causing mild illness, especially of course if treated early. If such mild disease continues to be observed with Omicron, the push for booster shots is even more questionable. Why should people seek to be injected to get a 50% protection against a mostly mild disease that can be treated anyway?

And with boosters, there will be more adverse events, severe adverse events and more deaths associated with these injections. Even with complicit media, this gets harder and harder to hide from a growingly skeptical population.

Today, about everybody knows a vaccine injured person, or has seen on TV a football player drop unconscious or dead on the field.

As of December 2nd 2021, in the “Yellow Card” adverse events reporting system, there were 139 263 reports for Pfizer- BioNTech; 238 641 reports for Astra Zeneca and 20 520 reports for Moderna, with respectively 634, 1138 and 18 “fatal outcome reports” aka deaths. 

For the 3 injection types combined, this amounts to 398 424 reports, including 1 790 fatal outcome reports.

Data contained in a previously confidential report suggests that the vaccination campaign should have been halted in early 2021, because of the safety issues.

Why this vaccination campaign is allowed to continue is anyone’s guess. A commonly advanced reason is “regulatory capture,” i.e. that the regulators are being “captured” and that government is so weak that it is incapable of putting an halt to something that should have been halted 10 months ago.

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Fortunately for Boris Johnson, there is a clear, safe and readily available alternative to the jabs, and it’s called early treatment, or to use our metaphor, Ivermectin.

To make it simple: Ivermectin could save Bojo!

The early treatment protocols are very well known to thousands of medical doctors around the world. Medical doctors in the UK can be trained within days to implement them and to start treating sick patients.

Most of the required drugs are readily available in the UK, and the few that are not, such as Ivermectin, could be made available within days, as easily importable from a producing country such as India.

And the UK does not need the “New Covid Pills” touted by Boris Johnson, as existing, repurposed, generic drugs are perfectly able to do the job, and they enjoy, unlike these new experimental drugs, a well established and very favourable safety profile.

Let’s not forget, with early treatment, the focus is to treat only the sick, with priority given to the higher risk people. Therefore, the amount of medications that are needed is much lower (and much cheaper to procure and administer) than in the case of vaccination, where one exclusively injects the healthy.

To make early treatment happen swiftly in the UK, medical doctors need to be given the right to prescribe early treatment drugs off label, without any form of reprisal. Actually, it should be a core function for the NHS to strongly encourage the early treatment of COVID, as it’s 100% consistent with the official mandate of any public health system.

The solution exists. It’s just a matter of implementing it. If the goal is to save people from disease, from severe disease, from long covid, from hospitalization, from ICU transfer and from death, the solution exists and is very simple to implement.

Boris Johnson, if you read this, realize that I can put together within a day or two a team of the most highly qualified medical doctors and public health experts in the world, and we will tell you exactly what needs to be done. We will do it free of charge for you, I mean for the population. If you want to do the right thing, it’s very simple. Just reach out!

Of course there are many hurdles in the way, and it’s not only the gigantic ego of a politician that is at stake. One critical hurdle is the medical research establishment.

In the UK, like in many other countries, there is something one can call “academic capture” that impedes the implementation of straightforward, effective solutions to COVID-19. UK academia has indeed conducted some of the most counter-productive, yet influential, research on Covid treatments.

A prime example is the “recovery” trial about hydroxychloroquine, a drug that needs to be given, as part of a multi-drug protocol, to patients at first symptoms, ideally within the first 5 days of symptoms. 

What did Oxford University do with hydroxychloroquine? They conducted a large clinical trial, on hospitalized patients, and gave the drug alone, without other key drugs, in addition to “usual care” (which means essentially no care) typically 3 days after admission, i.e. about 10 to 15 days after first symptoms. It was not early treatment; it was late treatment. To make things worse, the given loading dose of the drug, provided to these already severely sick patients, was much higher than normal and was possibly toxic

This trial also highlighted a very poor understanding of COVID-19 by these Oxford researchers, as the problem to be addressed in hospital is typically one of inflammation, for which other drugs are more suitable. There were sadly 1132 deaths in this clinical trial, for a total number of 4674 participants, with an unacceptably high hospital level fatality rate of 24.2%. 

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To show how ineffective this research was, one can contrast it with the work conducted by a single medical doctor from South Africa, Dr. Shankara Chetty, who developed a protocol for treating the early inflammatory phase of COVID-19, without even requiring the patient to be hospitalized or to be put on oxygen. Dr. Chetty did more for advancing the treatment of COVID-19 than Oxford University, and he did it alone without any big fat research grants.

While botching this hydroxychloroquine clinical trial and misleading the world about it, Oxford was prompt to offer another drug, remdesivir, to patients, without having even conducted a trial about it, and despite the well documented high toxicity of the drug. While the sister European clinical trial, Discovery, found no clinical benefit to this drug, it is continued to be used as standard of care in the UK. Even the World Health Organization had no other choice but to officially recommend against this drug. The Oxford researchers seem very comfortable with the continuation of the use of this drug, despite the harm it does to patients.

A more recent example of questionable research by Oxford is the “Principle” trial. Here, the drug being tested, as if it still needed to be tested, is Ivermectin. Recently, the trial was “paused due to temporary supply issues,” which prompted American clinical trial expert Robert Malone to explain, on US prime time television, that such supply issue was totally unacceptable and a proof of incompetence, of medical malpractice, especially when a drug is so widely available globally as Ivermectin. That clinical trial is again extremely questionable, because Ivermectin is not prescribed in combination with other agents, because the dosing has not been adapted to the new variants, because it is administered too late to many patients, and because of the use of a placebo group which is being denied treatment.

Clearly, at the very minimum, this Oxford Principle trial is unprincipled! We will not go down here into the rabbit hole of the links of Oxford University with AstraZeneca and mass vaccination, but the links exist and are pretty overwhelming, which clearly points at an academic capture of the venerable university.

Now, this is a tall order of course for Boris Johnson: to fire his trusted advisors and to stop relying on Oxford research for guiding his policies. But that’s what is at stake. 

There must be a departure from the current way of doing. The vaccine-centric strategy clearly is a broken one with Omicron. Continuing to implement a failed strategy is insanity.

Now, for sure, Boris Johnson would need a bit of convincing, and listen to others.

Maybe a good place to start would be to learn from Florida Governor Ron De Santis and his Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo. Florida is now giving priority to early treatment to manage COVID-19, including the Omicron variant, as explained here by D.r Ladapo.

As already explained, but just to be clear, Ivermectin is presented here as a metaphor for early treatment. 

Yes, early treatment can not only save lots of lives in the UK but also save Boris Johnson politically.  Hence, the title of this piece … 

Ivermectin Save BoJo!

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