Marseille’s IHU Publishes Daily Raw Data About Treated / Death Patients

Only 1 Fatality out of 1,291 Treated Patients as of March 30!

IHU Méditerranée Infection publishes raw data about the number of people patients they treat with the their chloroquine based treatment and the number of deaths after 3 days of treatment.

As of writing this article, there was 1 death for 1291 patients having been treated.

The institute also publishes data for Marseille in general, where patients are treated in other APHM hospitals too. As of writing this piece, there had been 17,479 tested in these institutions combined, 2,222 people testing positive, and 16 deaths.

In TV interviews, Professor Chabrière has stated that the Marseille outcomes are much better than in the rest of France. In fact, many people are are now heading to Marseille to seek testing and treatment.