Podcast Episodes about Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Some of our articles about electric vehicles are now available as podcast episodes. While driving or not, you may enjoy their content, which is not exactly – oh surprise – what you may have been told.

Here are podcast episodes about electric vehicles and the substantial challenges and issues associated with them. The first episode is an executive summary of the issues identified in part 1 and part 2 of our analysis. Then, we have an episode focusing on the issue of (lack of) range with electric vehicles. And then we look more closely at the allegation that a transition to electric vehicles would contribute to reduce CO2 emissions – and we show that this core argument used to justify these vehicles is not even true, and that high efficiency internal combustion engine vehicles are the most rational way to go to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars.

Here are the episodes on Spotify. You can also find them on APPLE & other platforms.