Prophylaxis and Treatment for COVID-19 in Nursing Homes: Video Highlights

Nursing homes in industrialized countries is where the largest share of COVID-19 deaths occur, yet little attention is paid to offer real solutions for their residents and staff.

Indeed, with the second wave of pandemic hitting many countries, there are again substantial outbreaks in nursing homes, which shows that the measures adopted so far remain ineffective.

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These video highlights present excerpts of a webinar and two interviews that address precisely how to implement, at the level of nursing homes, straightforward prophylactic and therapeutic protocols, in view of containing the outbreaks and reducing to the minimum severe forms of the disease and mortality.

Yes, very concrete solutions exist for nursing homes, their residents and staff, even if they are barely being recommended by authorities in most countries.

These highlights feature some of the best experts in the world, and are pretty unique, as there is little information available, in an easily digestible format, on this important matter.

So please watch the highlights and don’t hesitate to provide feedback. 

Just in case you wouldn’t get to the end of the video, here are the conclusions:

1- Easy to implement prophylaxis and therapeutic approaches exist and could be widely implemented at the level of nursing homes.

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2 – The agents used for prophylaxis and early therapies are mostly extremely cheap generic drugs as well as over the counter supplements.

3 – Past experiences with prophylaxis and treatment in nursing homes provide an excellent knowledge base as to how to implement such therapeutic approaches on a wide scale.

4 – All nursing homes should offer prophylaxis to residents and should develop detailed plans so as to be ready to provide early treatment to residents and staff in case of an outbreak.