Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Goes for the “Kitchen Sink Protocol”!

In the footsteps of prominent podcasters Joe Rogan and Tim Pool, Aaron Rodgers, an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, declared yesterday he was recovering from COVID-19 and had taken a set of medications early, similarly as Joe Rogan and Tim Pool did.

Rodgers explains it all on the popular Pat MacAfee show. He explains in detail the prevention protocols that are in place at the level of the NFL, and how intensive the testing is for non-vaccinated players -even if it is widely proven that vaccinated players can get COVID-19 and transmit to others.

One aspect stressed by Rodgers is that he considers himself now immune from COVID-19, as having recovered from the disease. He quotes in particular a recent study from Israel – displaying an incredible knowledge of COVID-19, while it is not his area of expertise.

Rodgers’s remarks actually go very deep into the vaccination issue, from a societal perspective. He calls for an urgent in-depth conversation to stop the divide and implement real solutions.

Here is a clip:

This is a must watch video; watch it!

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