Second Prominent Podcaster Adopts “Kitchen Sink Protocol”

Prominent podcaster Tim Pool, who has 1.27 million followers just on Youtube, explained his short ordeal with COVID-19 in a video yesterday and the role played by Joe Rogan in advising him seeking appropriate medical advice to secure early treatment for the disease. 

Rogan, who is the world’s most popular podcaster, got COVID-19 in late August and made a short Instagram video, now viewed 6.7 million times, where he explains he got COVID-19 and threw the “Kitchen Sink” at it: mono-clonal antibodies, ivermectin, z-pack, prednisone, NAD drip, vitamin drip 3 days in a row.

Rogan’s treatment, which goes against the official American / NIH guidelines to essentially not treat the disease prior to hospitalization, got him in a media firestorm, dominated by the alleged inappropriate use of Ivermectin for humans. 

As it has already been demonstrated, it was the FDA itself which had orchestrated a misleading campaign against Ivermectin, claiming it was a horse dewormer inappropriate for human use (despite the drug having been prescribed billions of times for humans, for example for fighting parasitic infections in Africa).

See FOIA obtained email showing how the FDA was involved in disinformation about Ivermectin.

Source: this must read article, which exposes the true colors of FDA’s senior employees:

The continued allegations by CNN prominent commentators that Rogan took a horse drug, despite the fact that he took a human version, has kept the controversy alive for 2 full months!

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Tim Pool’s experience with COVID-19 is really interesting to watch, as it shows many facets of the early treatment issue, made extremely controversial by the continued suppression of this therapeutic approach for nearly two years, especially by the US leading agencies that have mostly adopted a vaccination only strategy.

Here are aspects you will see covered in the video below:

  • Various tests of Tim Pool’s staff came out negative, even if the staff had COVID-19, which demonstrates again the ineffectiveness of most tests made on asymptomatic people (false negatives)
  • Tim Pool’s first experience with an urgent care was: yes come in for tests, but we will not prescribe you anything for COVID-19; so he experienced first therapeutic nihilism, which remains the most common response (or absence of response) of the medical profession in the US.
  • It was only, following communications with Joe Rogan, that he got treated by another doctor, who prescribed him the “kitchen sink” protocol
  • Pool took mono-clonal antibodies first, and he attributes mainly his recovery to that drug; he actually comments how great Florida governor De Santis is for making that expensive drug widely available to the population.
  • Pool was clearly “Ivermectin-Hesistant.” He thought taking Ivermectin could negatively impact his career, that he could lose his popular Youtube channels by taking the infamous drug now widely (yet wrongly) perceived as a horse dewormer.
  • On the advice of his doctor, who told him he was not necessarily out of the woods even if feeling better, Poole finally took Ivermectin as well as Z-Pack. 
  • Neither Pool nor Rogan seem to have been prescribed hydroxychloroquine – which does not seem to be part of the “Kitchen Sink Protocol.” (maybe that would be too controversial and pose an existential risk to the two podcasters?)
  • Tim Pool is clear: from his perspective, he would have sought hospitalization if his condition had not improved. He was short of breath and feeling terrible.
  • While both Rogan and Pool are young and were at low risk of severe COVID-19, they both seem to have fully recovered in a record time from the disease, thanks to the “Kitchen Sink Protocol.”
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Update: not mentioned by Tim Poole, but stressed by Aaaron Rodgers, who even cites a recent study from Israel (see tweet below): the robust post-covid natural immunity, superior to vaccine-induced immunity, brought to those having recovered from the disease. This means that there is no reason to subject those having recovered from covid to any particular testing protocol such as the NFL one, or to any form of vaccination mandate, as immunity is already acquired from the prior disease – something that is however NOT recognized by the US health authorities.

Check this article and included video once you have watched Tim Poole’s video!

Just a short comment here: the author of this blog has contacted Tim Pool on several occasions to inform him about the importance of early treatment (now popularly known as “kitchen sink” protocol). If he had responded, the important message to treat COVID-19 early would have gotten out to his audience over a year ago!

Anyway, better later than never. Watch Tim Pool in this video, explaining his experience with COVID-19 early / kitchen sink protocol treatment!