Vaccines Injuries – Victims’ Testimonies – Senator Ron Johnson’s media event in Washington, DC

We are presenting you here highlights of a media event held on November 2 2021 in Washington, DC, about vaccines safety and mandates. You will hear testimonies of real people, explaining their experience with vaccine injuries, either as a victim or as a parent of a victim. What you will hear is not easy to hear. It is dramatic, it is tragic, yet it is highly informative. And those people are not “rare” cases. There are thousands and thousands of such victims in the US and all over the world.

You can listen to these highlights as a podcast on various platforms or as a video.

Highlights of Media Conference – Part 1 – The Victims & Their Parents

You will hear:

– Cody Flint, airline pilot from Cleveland, MS who accumulated 10,000 hours of flight time diagnosed with left and right perilymphatic fistula, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and elevated intracranial pressure following Pfizer vaccination.

– Ernest Ramirez, father from Austin, TX whose only son collapsed playing basketball and passed away from myocarditis following Pfizer vaccination.

– Kyle Werner, professional mountain bike racer from Boise, ID diagnosed with pericarditis following vaccination.

– Doug Cameron, farm operations manager from Idaho, permanently paralyzed following vaccination.

– Suzanna Newell, triathlete from Saint Paul, MN diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and reliant on a walker or cane to walk following vaccination

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– Kelly Ann Rodriguez, young mother from Tacoma, WA reliant on walker following vaccination.

– Stephanie, the mother of Maddie de Garay, a 12-year old Pfizer clinical trial participant from Cincinnati, OH confined to wheelchair and feeding tube

– Brianne Dressen, Astra Zeneca clinical trial participant from Utah, co-founded, a patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing awareness of adverse events.

– Dr. Joel Wallskog, orthopedic surgeon from Mequon, WI diagnosed with transverse myelitis following Moderna vaccination.

– Shaun Barcavage, FNP-BC, a Research Nurse Practionner

Our next post will feature other highlights from the same event, but this time focusing on expert testimonies.