“We Know it’s Curable; It’s Easier than Treating the Flu” — Professor Thomas Borody

Australian radio host Luke Bona interviewed this August 12 Professor Thomas Borody, from the Centre for Digestive Diseases in Sydney, Australia, about Ivermectin-based therapies for COVID-19. 

The interview is short and to the point, and should be of interest to everyone in the world.

New! Watch our interview with Professor Borody! (Update: the YouTube video was taken down, about a year after it was posted, probably because it covered Ivermectin!). Here is the interview on Rumble.


See French version of the article at this link.

Based on existing research and his analysis of therapeutic results using Ivermectin in combination with 2 other widely available generic drugs – Doxycycline and Zinc -, he asserts that COVID-19 is now curable and even easier to treat than the flu.

Here are some excerpts.

“We came up with a treatment that is simple, safe, and can get rid of the coronavirus in almost all patients treated within 6 to 10 days.”

“It can treat and get rid, within 6 to 10 days, of the coronavirus”

“It is an easy, very easy virus to cure, when you combine the dosage we have described, because it inhibits the growth of the bug. It just goes away, and you no longer can find it in an infected person.”

Q: “Why aren’t we treating every elderly person in every health care facility, in every aged care facility with this?”

“There is no drug company behind it. There are no people who are lobbying government and giving donations for reelections and so forth. I don’t know the answer.”

“It also happened when I developed the tritherapy (for H. Pilory infection), because there was no company behind that. It took 26 years… Those people who otherwise would now be dying from bleeding ulcers stopped bleeding, stopped dying…”

“This is the same sort of situation I think. It’s hard to get traction when there is  no big payback, no payout to a large company.”

Q: “I understand there are clinical trials of this ivermectin therapy going on in 32 countries”

“The important ones have already been done. The drugs that we use are all approved by the TGA and the FDA. So tomorrow you can write a script for it, because they are approved for other reasons.” (note: TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration)

“The trials that I know of … have been done in places where there are a lot of coronavirus patients…”

“In Bangladesh, 60 out of 60 were cured.“ 

“That’s not easy to believe, because it’s just too good too be true.”

“In China, they compared coronavirus treatment with either ivermectin mixed, or hydroxychloroquine mixed.”

“Hydroxychloroquine is not a bad drug when you combine it with azithromycin. They got 96.3% cure”

“But with ivermectin, it was 100%.”

Q: “Have you spoken directly to Greg Hunt?” (Australia’s health minister)

“No I haven’t been able to get through.” 

“I don’t blame him at all. Things go to his advisers…. The advisers are not experts in this field… They don’t read the journals, the articles…. 

.As Boorstin said, ‘One of the great obstacles to discovery, it’s not ignorance,  it’s the illusion of knowledge.,.

“They have the illusion of knowledge. They think they know. They say you have to go to animal studies first, pre-clinical, not knowing you don’t need to do trials on approved drugs.”

Q: “Professor, where do we go from here, how do we get this happening?”

“I would very much like to see … teams set up that would quickly treat all the infected Victorians…”

“We need to treat Victorians today, because we have a therapy which will give people hope.”

“In the future, we will not need to worry if we get positivity.”

“You get treated immediately, you don’t need to go to the hospital.”

“It’s easier than treating the flu now.”

“You can actually eradicate it.”

“You can’t eradicate Hepatitis C that easily. HIV we cannot. Here we use a bunch of drugs, and the bug disappears…”

“We know it’s curable.”

Professor Borody is most famous for his ground-breaking work developing the triple therapy cure for peptic ulcers in 1987, which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and the Australian health system more than $10 billion in medical care and operations.

Professor Borody founded the Centre for Digestive Diseases (CDD) in 1984 after a distinguished career with leading hospitals including St Vincent’s in Sydney and the Mayo Clinic in the USA.

He is a world-renowned leader in the clinical microbiota dating back to 1988 when he started performing what is now called Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT).

Professor Borody holds over 150 patents in areas such as; treatment of Helicobacter pylori, Crohn’s disease, bowel lavage, IBS and FMT.

See his publications at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Thomas_Borody2

Listen to the interview: (Update … also removed)

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