Webinar with Dr Brian Tyson and Dr George Fareed – Part 1

“Between both of us now, we are close to 5000 positive patients we have seen and treated. Our death rate is 2 out of those 5000, and both of those patients did not get the full treatment.” – Dr Brian Tyson

The theme of this webinar, with these two medical doctors, reknown for having successfully treated thousands of patients in Southern California is “COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment & Prophylaxis for Older People.”

The rationale of the webinar is simple: COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting older people, with the risk of severe disease or death growing exponentially with age.

Part 1 of the webinar presents introductory remarks followed by testimonials of actual patients of Dr Tyson and Dr Fareed, who comment on those particular patients, the oldest being 93 year old! All received early treatment and overcame the disease.