Webinar with Dr Brian Tyson and Dr George Fareed – Part 2

In this second part of our webinar, Dr Tyson and Dr Fareed engage into a discussion of how to deal with age when treating very old patients. Then, they cover special considerations regarding the prophylaxis and early outpatient treatment for older people, at home or in nursing homes. 

More specifically, the covered considerations are:

  • how to diagnose C19 in an older person
  • the role of C19 testing 
  • the role of families to ensure best treatment is provided
  • challenges with self-isolation when care is needed
  • best timing for treatment to be successful 
  • typical multi-drug regimens for early treatment
  • off-label prescriptions, regulatory & legal issues
  • when is oxygen supplementation required
  • medical conditions and risk factors
  • possible allergies or side effects
  • monitoring tools for follow up of patients 
  • when to consider hospital transfer
  • prophylaxis and early treatment as a complement to vaccination
  • aged care facility level strategies to prevent outbreaks
  • implementing early treatment in an aged care facility 

The next part will cover Dr Fareed’s protocol for the prevention & early treatment of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

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